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Pianoforall especially for beginners to quickly be unfamiliar is a program designed for them to play the piano.Thanks to this program books, Elton John, Barry Mannilow, Billy Joel and other great artists such as piano player.


Pianoforall is a page of this first book 93. ''Party Time '' by this first book when you are finished, you will be able to easily enormous songs with the piano.First, when I started playing the piano piano teachers were teaching the piano accompanied by boring exercises.Play the piano with this book, however, is so much fun!

No piano playing experience for people who are not the first rhythm (right/left note chord) is a good starting point.The rhythms then slowly increase in difficulty as you learn the straight beat, the oom pah, the split chord, the half beat bounce, two versions of the twist, the 3 beat bounce, the 12/8 country shuffle, and the bossa nova bounce. If you don’t recognize the names of these rhythms, that is okay – neither did I. But as soon as you start playing them, your head will be flooded with familiar songs that make use of these rhythms.

Real Songs in this book are given in this book to show exercise as the rhythms.This book is an example of the lyrics include:

“Hit the Road Jack” – left note/right chord
“Bye Bye Love” – oom pah
“Imagine” – split chord
“Sweet Home Alabama” – half beat bounce
“Piano Man” – 3 beat bounce
“In The Air Tonight” – bossa nova bounce

I am your method of learning by ear from this book I believe you will be satisfied.The information given in this book, other books of interest will increase even further, it will become easier to play the piano.

Although not included in this book is notated very little how to easily be very surprised by seeing play with piano music tracks!

Musical theory is introduced slowly as it is needed to play various songs and demonstrate the rhythms being taught. For example, in order to demonstrate the first rhythm only four chords in the key of C are introduced. This is followed by the other three basic chords in the key of C. After the third rhythm is learned, 4 more basic chords are introduced to get the reader ready to begin working in keys other than the key of C. Finally, a few of the simpler 7th chords and slash chords are introduced. These last two chord types are not too difficult to learn, but they produce really nice sounds, and allow the reader to play a much wider variety of songs.

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