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The third book is the Pianoforall "Chord Magic" consists of 32 pages.As the title suggests, this book gives you 24 basic major and minor chords he teaches.This book is too long, although there are a lot of things that you can learn from this book.We recommend that you take the time to this book.The average of a student, you will need a few weeks to grasp the information presented here.

To me, this book is a developing musician to teach him basic chords for the terms is very important.Although the timing of the book standard material offered here in terms of the property it is.I think this topic would be presented in the first book from the book was that most people get bored.I çıkrması I think in terms of the third book has a structure very fantastic.Currently, almost everyone can play the 15 rhythm and hundreds of songs .The important thing is that all the major and minor chords in order.For this, the third book of the type you are looking for a full!

Basically 24 major and minor chords and putting together the other two inversions is also a book.This will help you to grasp the fifth loop inversion exercises using the book ends.If you want to learn the basic chords, you must read this book!

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