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Pianoforall's second book of "Blues and Rock and Roll" consists of 21 pages.In this book, well known blues musician 5-rhythm of emphasis.The first rhythm (blues based trio) is very simple and the other 4 rhythm is more popular.Also your other 4 rhythm also allows you to make preparations.If straight eight, boogie, Blueberry Hill, 12/8 boogie shuffle, and the Blues Brothers as you learn the easy rhythms of the hard difficulty increases.

According to me there is very little opportunity in the book have been kidnapped.New keys and chords was not included.Only the C key focal point was taken.I was writing new chords, accompanied by examples using 5-10 pages, I will add more.That's what I'm talking about just a little criticism, of course.In General, the book covers the series as a whole, the Tracker is very easy and natural.

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