6 Ekim 2014 Pazartesi


Pianoforall 5th book is the Ballad Style.This book consists of 66 pages. You're really going to like this book.In this book, readers are presented with a lot of material to prepare for the next level.The book first before you left hand rhythm is teaching in the style of the Ballad.No one will live a problem while learning this rhythm and will easily could do.This will introduce the scale of us after the pentatonic rhythm.This scale is in the nature of a gift for beginners!Any way you want, without having to depend on the rule that the scale notes can be played.Also in terms of understanding improvisation book, great narration here!Simple Ballad-style left hand right hand while playing with the rhythm of the pentatonic scale with beautiful, fun you can do impromptu work.

Improvisation for the first time showed us the melody lines in this book.Simple to improvise on a scale, it is a really nice idea.The book then gear more structured environment by increasing its focus on playing melodies.A book is both structured and unstructured way taught to play melodies and it never comes across as too much, too soon.The application with lyrics melody lines along the ballad transcriptions full rhythm bass are abundant with staff.

The book The Ballad of some beautiful and ends with some tough rhythm variations.With this book I realized that everyone use their own songwriting and improvisation.In this way you will get more pleasure than playing. 

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